Cycle I: Reference
Cycle II: Media
Cycle III: Interact
All American Antichrist Overview. This site is a very carfull overview on the album Antichrist Superstar. Very interesting. Also it tells what they think each and every song means and says. They explain how the album is like a giant story. This will show how complexed and clever Manson really is.
Probably the largest archive of Marilyn Manson Quotes. If you want to know the REAL truth about Marilyn Manson go there. I guarentee you will change your mind about the band and their music.

This is a very well designed Marilyn Manson fan site. No it is not a site to worship Marilyn Manson. I am a muslim and I don't have a problem with it being named mosque, even though many people DO. AN excellent fan site with tons and tons of stuff of the band.

An exellent new site that is sort of a anti-antimanson site. Check it out. Trust me its worth it.

A Great Marilyn Manson web site, One of the best no doubt. A large archive of videos and very well made.

A site oppressing the ignorent assholes who are twisting around the words of Manson. It is basically a entire web site mocking and how stupid they are for thinking Marilyn Manson is what is causing their problems.

This is a quite unique web site focusing on interviews with Marilyn Manson and the rest of the band. Also it features very well-written essays by Marilyn Manson himself. The website is great, not to mention the layout. Great work Strife!

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